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Let Johnson & Sons Flooring handle your kitchen remodeling project. If you go by the home shows on cable television, every kitchen remodeling ends in a chef’s kitchen. Johnson & Sons Flooring likes a chef’s kitchen as much as anyone else, but we also realize that there is a difference between liking and wanting. When you come to us to remodel your kitchen, we listen to you and build you the kitchen you want and need. If it’s a chef’s kitchen, that great; if it’s a compact kitchen where one person does the cooking, that’s great, too.

Flooring for kitchen remodeling

We want to dispel the myth that porcelain tiles are the default flooring for kitchens. For example, if you have very young children, tile floors are hard and unforgiving to tumbles. On the other hand, sheet vinyl and LVT’s have some built in give and are easy to keep clean. So maybe for this remodeling you keep the kiddies in mind and install a comfortable, economical sheet vinyl. It won’t be a big deal in four or five years to replace it with tile or wood flooring.

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