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What are my options for waterproof flooring?


Thursday, March 3, 2022, 5:50 AM


These days, you can choose several highly functional and stylish waterproof floors. We can thank modern technology for that.

Manufacturers are coming up with innovations, excellent design options, and significant functional capabilities.

First, the basics: WPC and SPC cores

Cores are a big deal in waterproof flooring. That's because the core is essentially the floor itself; when cores get soaked, they stain, peel and ripple; you have no choice but to replace the surface.

Wood-plastic composite (WPC) and stone-plastic composite (SPC) is used in many waterproof flooring options. It doesn't matter how much water or long it's been there. These won't peel or ripple ever.

You'll hear about them a lot. With these cores, it doesn't matter how much water there is or how long it's been there.

Luxury vinyl: the industry’s game-changer

Traditional luxury vinyl (LVF) comes with a vinyl core that makes it watertight, submerged, or spilled. Affordable and highly stylish, LVF offers true-to-life images of wood, stone, and tile.

These waterproof floors can be cut into planks, called LVP. The material is also cut into square, tile-sized pieces, called LVT.

Waterproof (vinyl) flooring

With gorgeous wood and stone designs, these floors are LVF, engineered to be thicker, more durable, and constructed with the WPC and SPC cores.

With this product, you'll have the ultimate peace of mind. We know someone who was away for months, only to come home to a dishwasher flood, but he had waterproof flooring. There was no damage.

These floors are indeed the best waterproof flooring options. So you can expect ultimate peace of mind.

Like LVF, these floors are low maintenance, only requiring sweeping and mopping. Installation is an uncomplicated clicking mechanism where the pieces mat and hover over the subfloor.

About rigid core plank

This is a vinyl plank with an SPC core. It's about as close to the real thing as you can get.

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