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Our builder services division is led by Terry Matthews, who knows how to get your new construction project done right, on budget and on time. Terry Matthews is one of a kind and once you start working with him, you'll realize just how painless this can be. We have multiple installation teams, and dedicated quality control. We work with custom home builders who do just a few homes a year, to spec builders that do a hundred or more homes a year.

We utilize the latest technology, including laser measuring and Ipad job diagraming, so that our estimations are accurate to the ¼". We also utilize roll allocation software to minimize waste and can accurately quote projects with a PDF blueprint.

We offer but not limited to:

  • Accurate on time estimation
  • Professional project management
  • Fast track process for hitting job deadlines
  • Extensive product & installation experience
  • In-showroom design support for your clients
  • Huge showroom with thousands of products in every flooring category
  • On-site showrooms can be set up with your specified products for quicker turnaround and simplification of the selection process
  • Aggressive builder pricing



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