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New fiber floors combine the look, price and durability of vinyl, with an added level of comfort and ease of installation. At Johnson & Sons Flooring, we carry Mannington’s Sobella line, which offers an unprecedented level of beauty. Before making a decision about fiber floors, you may want to know a little bit more about them. We’re here to answer your questions about fiber floors.


What are fiber floors?

Fiber floors are very much like vinyl floors in that they are made up of layers that give them the qualities that make it perfect for any home.
From the top down, fiber floors consist of:

  • The wear layer - A clear, protective coating that gives them durability and shines
  • The pattern layer - A printed layer that forms the primary appearance of the floorings. Mannington’s new advancements in the area have allowed them to produce floors with sharp images and authentic-looking appearances
  • The cushioned core - This layer makes the floors soft and comfortable to walk on, as well as offers insulation against noise and cold.
  • The inner layer - The fiberglass gives this layer a level of flexibility and strength that was previously unimaginable
  • The backing - This bottom layer protects the inner layers against moisture, bugs and mold.



What’s so great about them?

Being new doesn’t automatically make something great. Is this “fiberglass” thing just another passing fad that you should ignore? Certainly not! The benefits of fiber floors have been raising their appeal since they appeared on the flooring scene, and they’re one of the fastest-growing options in terms of popularity, and it looks like they’re here to stay. What makes them such an interesting option for homeowners?

  • Beauty - Vinyl, laminate, and now fiberglass have all boasted about their ability to mimic other, more expensive or less durable floors with exquisite precision. Mannington has several new options that offer levels of clarity and looks inspired by nature that was only dreamed of before.
  • Price - Like vinyl and laminate, fiberglass is far less expensive than hardwood or natural stone, but can mimic their look accurately and attractively.
  • Durability - The protection of the wear layer, combined with Mannington’s new Scratch Resist technology, will keep your fiber floors strong and looking like new, with only minor maintenance. A soapy cloth and some water take care of spills, and a dry cloth is fine for sweeping away dry dirt
  • Comfort - This is where fiber floors really start to make their stride ahead of vinyl. The fiberglass making is softer than vinyl and adds a light cushion for your feet. It also enhances the floor covering's ability to retain heat, which keeps your toes warm and can save you money on your electricity bills. It also keeps your home quieter by absorbing echoes.
  • Ease of installation - Fiber floors are by far the easiest flooring to install available on the market. Their fiberglass layer gives them stability, making it possible to install the over uneven floors and to float them over existing floors. You can even pack them up and take them with you when you leave, which makes them an ideal option for apartment dwellers.

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