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Cleaning products for carpet, hardwood, tile and more


For each type of flooring in your home, you need a different floor cleaning product to properly maintain them without causing damage. At Johnson & Sons Flooring, we cater to all of your floor cleaning supply needs. For hardwood, carpet, tile and more, we’ve got the right stuff to keep them looking their best.

Have you ever been in the unfortunate situation of trying to clean your floors, only to realize that you’re using the wrong floor cleaning product and actually damaging them? Even if that’s never happened to you, it’s definitely a situation that you want to avoid in the future. Acidic cleaning products can damage natural stone beyond repair, many chemicals can completely destroy carpet, and caustic substances can strip the shiny finish off of hardwood flooring. Other products may not damage your floors, but they also may not clean them properly either. The wrong chemical can leave a filmy layer of residue on your floors, fail to remove stains, and make your whole house smell like chemicals.

When you come to Johnson & Sons Flooring, you can be sure to get the information and supplies that you need to clean your floors properly, no matter what kind you have in your home.



What you'll need

  • Carpet - Corrosive chemicals can weaken the fibers of your carpet, pull the dye out of them causing them to look dingy and dim, and leave them with an unpleasant texture. Keep the fibers strong, the colors bright and the material soft in your carpet. Use only approved cleaners that are safe for the specific fiber type that you have. Ask any of the trained experts here at Johnson and Sons Flooring. We’ll help you find exactly what you need.
  • Natural Stone - You’d think stone would be able to stand up to just about anything, but natural stone flooring will prove you wrong when it comes to cleaning time. Most natural stone is comprised of large amounts of calcium and other basic minerals. This means that contact with acid will corrode it, and you must be very careful to use non-acidic cleansers on marble, travertine, limestone and other stone floors.
  • Hardwood - When hardwood is installed, it’s covered with a layer of urethane finish that protects the wood from scratches and scrapes. Our hardwood cleaning products effectively cleanse your hardwood of dirt and debris without wearing down this protective layer.
  • Laminate - Laminate is constructed with a wear layer to protect the design layer and core layer underneath. If this wear layer is compromised, it leaves the core layer vulnerable to swelling and water damage. Using a cleaning product that doesn’t damage the wear layer is imperative to the safety of your laminate floors.
  • Vinyl - Vinyl is also constructed with a wear layer on top of several other layers. Unlike laminate, they don’t stop being waterproof when the wear layer is compromised, but they can lose the brilliance of their design. Keep them looking like new by using the proper cleaning supplies.

If you’re not sure about the proper method and supplies that you need for your floors, you’ve come to the right website. Johnson & Sons Flooring can answer any questions that you may have about the right product for cleaning your floors, and we stock whatever you may need to get the job done.

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